Step 2 Project Information

In this step you will provide information about your project including your research goals, sources of funding and the members of your research team.

2.1 You Are Applying As

In this section, you define what type of applicant you are. In answering this question you have the option to apply as:

  • Researchers
  • Bahamian students (international). Citizens resident outside The Bahamas.
  • Bahamian students (local). Citizens resident in The Bahamas
  • Foreign students (graduate).
  • Foreign students (undergraduate)
  • Research institutions (Business). Companies engaged in research.
  • Research institutions (NGO Registered). Non-governmental organisations.

The application form is the same regardless of the category of applicant. Please choose the category that most accurately reflects your status.

  • If you are part of a consortium we will ask for details of the entities involved in the consortium. This includes all public and private entities.
  • If you are a company planning to conduct commercial research on biodiversity and/or traditional knowledge the application requirements are the same but the contractual provisions in the access and benefit-sharing agreement will normally be tailored to your project.

2.2 Institution Details

Name of the Institution - The name formally used for your institution.

Institution Contact Person - This is the legal officer (such as the contracts officer) who has authority to sign legally binding contracts on behalf of the institution. Unless you are that person you should not place your name here. Researchers are agents of their employers and do not normally possess legal authority to sign contracts on behalf of their institution.

Institution Legal Registration Number - This is the number or identifier used on the registration certificate for your organisation (e.g. as used by Companies House or equivalent).

2.3 Research Team Details

Research Team Details

If you are the principal researcher or team leader you need to provide the name and contact details of each member of your research team. The individuals will then be invited to register on the system and answer the relevant questions. The individuals will then be associated with the issued permits. All team members must be named on the permit at the point when it is issued. This cannot be rectified later.

Where an individual team member is from a different institution, their legal officer will also be required to sign an contract (ABS agreement).

Note that all members of the research team must be named individuals or processing of the application will be delayed for clarification.

IMPORTANT: A support team member is required to register with ORCID. The email used when adding the team member and the email used for ORCID registration must match or the system will not be able to link them to the application. Instructions are provided for the team member when they are invited to register but we advise principal investigators to also inform team members that the email used for the system and their ORCID registration must match.

2.4 Research Project Details

Research Project Details

Research Project Description This is a short abstract describing the project. It should be written in a form that is suitable for the general public to read.

-Research Project Source of Funding Please give the full name of the research funding organisation or other source of funding.

Proposed Project Start Date. This is the formal start date of the research project. It is not the start date of your proposed research in the Bahamas.

Proposed Project Completion Date This is the formal end date of the research project. It is not your proposed date of departure from the Bahamas.

Research Project Grant Number. This is the unique identifier awarded to your research grant when awarded by the funding agency. If you are presently at the application stage please use the application number.

If you have previously received a permit for research in the Bahamas please provide the number of the most recent permit that you received.

2.5 Equipment

These questions only apply in circumstances where you are seeking to make duty-free imports of equipment. The term equipment does not apply to expendable supplies (food, fuels or other consumable materials etc.)

2.6 Filming or Videography

Do You Intend To Engage In Filming Or Videography As Part Of This Research? Answer yes or no. Further details may be requested.

If your research will involve filming activity you will need to apply for a permit from the Bahamas Film and Television Commission in addition to the permits required for your research. You can apply for that permit here.

Will Your Research Involve Use Of Drones? Answer yes or no. Further details may be requested.