Step 11 Payment

There is an annual fee schedule for the use the The Bahamas Research and Permitting System. This is a registration fee and not an application fee. Almost every permit the applicant requires will also have an attendant permit fee. You will receive emails notifying you of any application fees which need to be paid. You can also view all invoices in the ‘Invoices’ section of your home page.

Details of current registration fees are provided on the front page of the system at and may be subject to change. The numbers used in this guide are purely for illustration and do not necessarily reflect the actual fees at a given time.

You can pay the registration fee through the system. By clicking ‘Accept and Invoice’ you will be shown the amount to be invoiced. Clicking ‘Pay Now’ you can pay via Bank Transfer. Please contact the system authorities if you would like to make payment in other ways (e.g. Credit Card) as these functions are not presently operational inside the system.

If you have already paid, there is a facility to attach a pdf of evidence of payment (such as a bank deposit slip or credit card payment information)

In this step the system displays the invoice description, charges and the currency. When the applicant clicks on Accept and invoice, the window below will be displayed. The system will automatically generate an invoice for the specific application, with an invoice number.